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Certified Coaches & Instructors

Robert Gaiser, Coaching & Fitness

Robert Gaiser, Coaching & Fitness

Skills Personality Coaching | Fitness Training | Nutritional Counselling

Certification Coach NLP Master Coach by DVNLP and ICI / IN

Certification Fitness Fitness Trainer A-Licence | Sports Therapist | Nutrition counselor (by Academy of Sports)

Motivation If you have the will to change, I will accompany you to realise it. Mastering new challenges in life, requires sometimes guidance. I support people who want to develop and change something. I use proven methods, individually tailored to your wishes and needs for transformation.

Lidija LeniĆ-Gaiser, Yoga & Meditation

Lidija LeniĆ-Gaiser, Yoga & Meditation

Skills Yoga | Meditation | Breath Work

Certification Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Level One (KRI™, Kundalini Research Institute)

Motivation Mastering everyday life in the current reality can be challenging. With Kundalini Yoga, a holistic yoga and meditation training, is this possible. Despite a heavy workload of daily tasks, you can become and stay stress-free by increasing your energy level. You simply get more done! It worked for me. If you like to have less stress and more energy, I will be happy to guide you on your way.